The 2018-19 team back l to r: W.Bro C G K Emery, W.Bro R Mallen, W.Bro K Robins, Bro F Pearson, W.Bro M Smith, W.Bro R Weaver, W.Bro R Fisher, W.Bro J A Caine, Bro M Haywood.   front l to r: W.Bro P D Kelsey, Bro M Woodhead, Bro C Horwath, Bro M Carthy, Bro R Watson-Smith, W.Bro I Whatmough, W.Bro D Bowyer & W.Bro R Yates
Officers of the Lodge 2018-19 Our October meeting is a very special occasion, as it’s devoted to installing the new Master of the Lodge. At the culmination of many years work, during which, the new Master will have taken on the various ceremonial roles, he is elected by the Brethren to take control of his Lodge. This year, in the illustrious company of Worshipful Brother Dr Michael Rawle, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Staffordshire and W.Bro N Columbell, Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, as well as Provincial Grand Stewards W.Bro M Birkinshaw and W.Bro A J Blake acting as Wardens, our most recent Master, Dick Fisher conducted the ceremony to install Michael Smith as the new Worshipful Master. The ceremony went smoothly and W.Bro Mike Smith then appointed and invested the officers who will assist in the operation of the Lodge during the season, which extends to next September. Mike has led a rich and varied life including having completed 200 jumps as a parachutist, but now spends his spare time pursuing the “little white ball”. Professionally, he has been an Engineer, Sales rep, Builders’ Merchant and more recently, the owner of the Red Lion Pub in Great Chatwell. Mike has been married to Paula for 43 years. They have three daughters together and a recently arrived grandson, Harry, who is now being spoilt rotten by his Grandad! Mike has worked tirelessly for charity throughout his life, particularly during his time as a “Round Tabler”. Mike will raise funds during his year in aid of Dementia UK which aids those experiencing Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia. Funds for charitable purposes are raised directly by the Lodge members at its regular meetings and other social activities, without seeking financial support from the public
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The Worshipful Master and his Wardens
Number 4281 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England
Izaak Walton Lodge of Freemasons
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