Number 4281 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England
Izaak Walton Lodge of Freemasons
September The first meeting of the new masonic season is always an interesting one at Izaak Walton. It presents Past Masters with the opportunity of practising the skills they used to such great effect during their year in office, in what is traditionally, a third degree ceremony. On this occasion, our candidate was unfortunately delayed at a business meeting and was unable to make the ceremony. Luckily, Bro. Malcolm Haywood, who was raised to the third degree in May, stepped into the breach, as the Past Masters performed what we call an “exemplification”. It was a lovely, interesting ceremony, enhanced by the presence of visitors from other Stafford Lodges including W.Bro John Ratcliffe and the Provincial Grand Junior Warden, W.Bro Phil Baker. September - Ladies Night We are still unsure why, but our annual celebration of the support provided by our partners, attracted fewer brothers, family and friends than on past occasions. The Worshipful Master decided, regretfully, that it would be preferable to cancel the event, which leaves a number of options for the Master Elect to consider when he takes office in October. Masonic Hall opens doors On September 8th, for the first time in living memory, the Stafford Masonic Hall opened its doors for the first time to the public. Thanks to a splendid wave of pre-publicity, over 200 local people turned out on a wet and windy Saturday to find out for themselves what lies at the heart of Freemasonry.
unambiguous answers to most of the questions! W.Bro Harry Boult Harry Boult, who was Master of this Lodge in 1987 and who celebrated fifty years in Freemasonry last Autumn passed to the Grand Lodge above in August. His funeral at St Mary’s Church in Stafford was attended by almost one hundred of his wide circle of friends and family. Delivering the eulogy, his Son Chris reminded everyone of Harry’s interesting and varied life and career including an enduring interest in East Africa and Carpentry. W.Bro Andrew Redhead “Andy” Redhead died in Hospital suddenly in August after a short illness. He is remembered for a major contribution to the life of our Lodge, as Master in 1996, our Almoner for ten years and various other offices. He was also heavily involved in the life of Eccleshall, where he, Sally and their three children lived, as a Parish Councillor and member of the local Church Fellowship. Our sympathies are extended to the family of each of these lovely men. They will be missed. We’re missing...... W.Bros Ray Barnett and Darryl Davies and Brothers David Breeze and Gerald Bates are all in our thoughts - not just at the meetings, but always. We’re looking forward to seeing you back in Lodge very soon.
Inside the Hall, support was provided by some of the recipients of Freemasons’ charitable giving. Katharine House, the Midlands Air Ambulance and the Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes were all represented. One visitor commented that he had passed by the Hall on literally thousands of occasions during his life and had never seen the doors open, nor anyone coming or going! Like many, he was fascinated to hear about the history of the building and its decoration, as well as discovering what Freemasonry is all about. All of the Stafford Craft Lodges were represented by their Master and Wardens who circulated to answer questions, as well as many members of the fraternity who attended in support. To mark the occasion, as you’ll see from the adjacent picture, the banners of each of the Lodges which meet at Stafford were hung on the walls, bringing a splash of colour to the Temple. A “no-holds barred” question and answer session was held during the afternoon which was well attended and managed to provide clear and
Stafford’s Mayor and Mayoress, Councillors Ray and Jenny Barron. They are pictured, left to right, with Assistant Provincial Grand Master Mike Rawle, the Mayor, the Mayoress, Deputy Provincial Grand Master David Thomas and Mark Provincial Grand Master, Mike Heenan.