Number 4281 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England
Izaak Walton Lodge of Freemasons
January meeting As an Master Mason will know, the third degree ceremony is not only long, it is also quite involved with a big story to tell and some of the longest pieces of ritual to perfect and deliver. It is also very meaningful for the candidate, who, taking his final step in his journey from “entered apprentice” to “master mason” is led through the ceremony by virtually every officer in the Lodge. For his first “third degree”, our Worshipful Master Frank Pearson, who was suffering from the effects of a very bad cold, decided to share the workload. Employing the expertise of W.Bro Peter Kelsey - who handled the charge and exhortation, and W.Bro Keith Robins, who delivered the traditional history, Brother Leigh Dancer was able to relax and fully experience that last step in Craft freemasonry. He commented afterwards that he had enjoyed the ceremony immensely and thanked those who had played such key roles in it. If you missed the January meeting, make a note of the date of our February meeting on the 12th, when another Mason will take the final step in his Craft journey.  
We are thinking about…….. David Breeze who is still experiencing pain from his hips and vertebrae. A date has now been set for doctors to replace a hip (again) which hopefully will restore him to the rudest of rudes! Ray Barnett, who is still making progress and keeping in touch with all that’s happening in the Masonic world, through regular attendance at a monthly luncheon, attended by many of his friends. The next one is on Monday February 3rd.  These gathering are attracting more members who want to talk about Masonic and non-Masonic matters. If you can spare an hour or two, why not join the next one? Bob Mallen organises these parties, so if you fancy some banter and a pleasant couple of hours in Ray’s company, let Bob know!
Social Media You may not have noticed, but in the banner at the top of the page is a little “F” logo. Have you tried clicking on it? If you haven’t give it a try now. It takes you to our Facebook page, pictured right. Here’s where you can find - and react to the stuff which happens outside Lodge. Social events, Quiz Nights and so on. It’s more up to date and immediate than this website and allows you to see what other members of our Lodge are doing, talking and thinking about. You do have to join the group to make your voice heard, but that’s easy. Click on the join button when you’re visiting the page and you’ll receive approval usually within an hour or two - or less! This website is great if you’d like to introduce someone to our world of Freemasonry, but the news is mostly about what has already happened. Our Facebook page on the other hand, lets you know in advance what’s happening so you can get more involved, more easily. Visit the page now and click the join button. You won’t regret it!