Number 4281 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England
Izaak Walton Lodge of Freemasons
Charity Every member of the Izaak Walton Lodge contributes to charitable causes - masonic and non-masonic, according to their circumstances. At our Zoom meeting in December, the thoughts of the Charity Steward were focused on those youngsters for whom Christmas would simply mean ‘no change’. Youngsters in care, with foster parents and in childrens homes. He proposed that £250 from our funds be spent in acquiring gifts for those in the care of Safeguarding Stafford. This amount was agreed and then matched by Bro Michael Carthy, meaning that an urgent trip was arranged with Clodagh from the Safeguarding Team to pick suitable toys - with Ian Whatmough finding a new and satisfying role as “Trolley Boy”. Now, Christmas morning should be a little brighter for those less fortunate youngsters who won’t be surrounded by friends and family this year.
Clodagh, from the Children’s Safeguarding team, with a boot full of happiness!
The work continues.,…. Freemasonry brings many advantages to its members. Friendship, a sense of morality, an opportunity to learn about new stuff and above all, to work with and support our neighbours and community. In yet another initiative by our Charity Steward, Ian Whatmough, those frontline workers and volunteers at Holmcroft vaccination centre , will now be able to enjoy a sweet boost with their favourite beverage, thanks to your donation of biscuits and other treats. Our face to face work may not be happening, but our other “work” goes on. February meeting Our zoom meetings over the last few months have proven popular in allowing some face to face but virtual get togethers. We discover more each month about the proposals for a return to Lodge with our Centenary meeting in September, our charitable activities which have continued at a frenetic pace and news from our Almoner about the welfare of our members. If you’ve not yet joined in, why not? Our next meeting is on the second Wednesday of the month - April 14th 2021 - and details of the login details will follow by email.
A big box of goodies for the hard workers at Holmcroft