Number 4281 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England
Izaak Walton Lodge of Freemasons
Visiting is vital One of the key elements of freemasonry is the knowledge that in every corner of the world, you’ll find friendship and brotherhood and a warm welcome in a Freemasons’ Lodge. In our Province of Staffordshire there are 96 Lodges with over 2,500 members. Nationally, there are 7,000 lodges with a total of over 200,000 members. Our Lodge encourages members to visit other Craft Lodges. There are two which meet in the same building that we do, and nearby, many more. Visiting works - you establish new connections, make new friends and discover that almost every Lodge conducts their business in ways which can differ to the way in which we enact our ceremonies and business. This guarantees that every visit is like a voyage of discovery. If you’ve not visited other Lodges yet, think about doing it soon. Talk to the Secretary of our Lodge, or contact the Secretary of the Province you’re interested in visiting. They will happily provide details of Lodges and their meeting places, so your visit is perfect in every way. Incidentally, wherever you are in your Masonic journey, you can visit without needing any special dispensation. Make the ‘phone call, or send an email and you’ll be certain of a warm welcome.
Provincial Grand Lodge 2024 - another active office for our Lodge! Last year, W.Bro Hirendra Raval our Worshipful Master in 2016-17 and known to us all as Rav, was appointed to Provincial Grand Lodge as Provincial Grand Steward. This was an active role, which meant lots of visiting to many of the 96 lodges throughout the province, in support of the Provincial Grand Master. Rav has had a most enjoyable year, visiting Lodges never before experienced and making a host of new friendships along the way. This year, our Lodge was honoured again through the appointment of another officer to an active role in the Province. W.Bro Dick Fisher, who served as Master in 2017-18 has been appointed as Provincial Senior Grand Deacon. He was invested at the annual Provincial Grand Lodge meeting, held in Stafford on May 14th, supported by 13 members of his Lodge. Promotion to Provincial Grand Lodge is a recognition of service to an individual’s lodge as well as to the broader community.
W.Bro H Raval in distinctive maroon regalia on his appointment to Provincial Grand Lodge in May 2023
W.Bro Dick Fisher (centre rear) with a wonderful array of supporters