Number 4281 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England
Izaak Walton Lodge of Freemasons
The Master’s year so far…. The year in the chair for our Worshipful Master, Mike Smith, has been an eventful and enjoyable one, with a couple of firsts to note. In the Spring of 2019, we held the first “double second” degree ceremony, where two entered apprentices were passed to the degree of a fellow craft. Although not unheard of in the wider circles of Freemasonry, this was the first time such a ceremony had been carried out at Izaak Walton. Thanks to some careful advance planning, it proved a great success for the team of officers who carried out the work and enjoyable for the two candidates, Leigh Dancer and Aiden Hickman. And then, to top his year, Mike called for an extra meeting in June to initiate a new candidate. In September 2018, the Masonic Hall held its first ever open day. Although the weather was wet and miserable, the event attracted over 250 people who were curious to learn more about Freemasonry and some of the charities it supports. As a result, several visitors decided to join Freemasonry and one of them, Peter Westwood, chose to join Izaak Walton, and he was duly welcomed into the fraternity at a packed meeting on June 12th. Having taken advantage of a relaxing September meeting, when Past Masters conducted an initiation ceremony, Mike is now well into practicing for the installation of his successor, current Senior Warden Frank Pearson, who was selected as Master Elect for the ensuing year at the same meeting. It’s a big job, but we are certain that Mike will end his year in the chair as successfully as his year has been memorable! September meeting The first meeting of the new season presents a traditional opportunity for Past Masters of the Lodge to handle the proceedings. And this year was no different, as W.Bro Peter Kelsey took the chair to lead his team in an initiation ceremony. The event, which took place in the presence of W.Bro Jeremy Roberts, the Provincial Senior Grand Warden, was adjudged to have been a a great success, with the candidate, Brother Saul (another visitor to the open day) enjoying the proceedings and relishing the start of his journey in Freemasonry. All at Izaak Walton wish you a very happy time Saul.  
We are thinking about…….. David Breeze, who’s undergoing yet another stay in hospital, but assures his friends, he’ll be back in Lodge very soon - and we’re glad to hear it. Gerald Bates, who has unfortunately experienced no respite from his health difficulties. After another recent spell in hospital he is now, at least, back home with his family. Despite his diagnosis he remains cheerful and would welcome the chance of talking to as many of his Lodge friends as possible. You can reach him on 01785 284655. Paul Hazeldine, who has had rather a fraught summer battling health issues. It’s expected that he will be entering hospital during September in order to bring an improvement to hiss well-being. Brett Willats, whose mobility is still affected by blood clots, which developed after a knee operation earlier in the year. He is still under medical care and is hopeful of a return to Lodge well before the end of the year. Ray Barnett is still making progress and keeping in touch with all that’s happening in the Masonic world, through regular attendance at a monthly luncheon, attended by many of his friends. The next one is on October 7th and will be at the Hungry Horse on Newport Road, Stafford at 12 noon. Bob Mallen organises these parties, so if you fancy coming along, having some banter and a pleasant couple of hours in Ray’s company, let Bob know!