History Although named in honour of the author of “The Compleat Angler”, the Izaak Walton Lodge is not as old as the renowned author. However, since it was established in 1921, the Lodge has grown to become one of the largest in Staffordshire with almost 80 members. These members reflect society at large. They are involved in farming, retailing, banking, architecture and a wide variety of other businesses. But what you do for a living isn't important. Sharing in our philosophy is. Our key aim is to bring together men who want to improve their intellectual, social and moral standards. Masonry doesn't recognise any religion and emphasises the duties of citizenship. Our Lodge meets at the Stafford Masonic Hall in Gaol Square Stafford, on the second Wednesday of each month from September to May. So, if you joined our Lodge, you’d be making a commitment of one evening per month for nine months of the year. As well as the formal proceedings - during which new members join or existing members advance their knowledge, we also dine together when the formalities are over. It's not widely known that Freemasonry is one of the UK's biggest contributors to charity and these social gatherings provide a perfect way of raising cash which is then distributed to local, national and international charities. When you join a Freemasons Lodge, you'll discover a great deal about yourself and your own development through life, as well as immeasurably widening your circle of friends. If you would like to know more about joining our Lodge, use one of the email addresses on the "get in touch" page as a first step. We'll then contact you with more information about how to proceed.
Number 4281 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England
Izaak Walton Lodge of Freemasons